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What is EM Pumping?

Aluminum and other light metal casting foundries have traditionally used the technique of pouring the molten metal into molds from a ladle, relying on gravity to fill the small spaces in the mold cavity. This must be done very carefully so the molten metal does not experience oxidizing turbulence.

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EM Pump Principle

In the science of Physics, Laplace's Law describes the interaction between a magnetic field and an electric current when they are applied at right angles to each other and to a conductor of electricity. This Law explains how induction motors function and is better known as Fleming's Left Hand Rule, in which the thumb, forefinger and middle finger are each positioned at a right angle to the others.

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EM Pump vs. Furnace

The low pressure casting technique has long been known to produce high quality aluminum castings, but the process has also been plagued by some persistent problems. Many of these problems can be eliminated through the use of an electromagnetic pump as opposed to the standard pressurized furnace.

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Controlled Pouring

The present demand for greatly improved productivity and quality of aluminum castings has brought many developments and continues to force critical evaluation of our manufacturing processes. Handling and pouring of molten metal are two areas where new ideas are being introduced to achieve these goals.

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